Watch this space 👀

Welcome to Chef James Lawrie- Wednesday 8/12

Coming soon a fantastic new shop on ‘Complete Meals’ page !!!!!

A shopping cart 🛒 just like a real store- exiting news….. a pre pay/order option to make your experience convenient, speedy and secure.

We will also offer a pay wave/ chip card reader upon collection. Just nutting out how that comes together in my spare time- lol

Heads up ‘Complete Meal’ price will increase to $30 after Christmas. Promo codes will be issued to our loyal fans, so b good 4 Santa…

Facebook page was born Wednesday 8th, needs some love in between nappies and feeding the kiddos. Will get there, the page will also operate as a store/shopping cart. Customers don’t need to leave Facebook to complete orders ‘coming soon’.

What I’m Up To….. (posted like 2016 I think)

We engage a variety of clients to suit all catering needs, customising packages and services that suit all budget requirements.

Contact us for private domestic parties small, large, remote or local Adelaide locations.

We are event catering specialist, small or large and offer a variety of hire and styling services, delivering a flexible and highly personal product.

Our Corporate experience offers a streamline approach to achieve and exceed client expectations.

We look forward to the opportunity to customising your next special occasion.

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