Hi all,

We have exciting news to share, our little Complete Meals project is growing.

What does this mean?????

Wednesday Collections

Moving forward from next week meal collection will be Wednesday evenings, and orders will now close Sunday evening, giving an extra 2 days to decide on your yummy meal selections.

Price Increase

In the coming weeks we will see the price increase for new customers – $30 for the 2kg Complete Meal. So now is the time to refer friends prior to the increase, to secure current price as a loyalty gesture to assist us getting off the ground.


Thanks to everyone this week for their swift collections and mask awareness upon collections. This task can become congested however, this week was fantastic. We will work with you to find alternative arrangements in the event of a positive test result or close contact.

We too share a tricky family dynamic that can result in disruption to our ability to provide this service. In the event of a positive case within our business, to ensure the safety of our clients we will delay meal collection accordingly and advise available options.


Additional weekly meal option will be added in the coming weeks as our customer base grows. The follow on to this growth is the ability to add a delivery option…… WOW


Finally made a more formal logo, need some feed back and don’t hold back. Just for fun first person to guess what the bold letters stand for gets a free piece of the 1st run of merchandise. ie cap, t-shirt, apron, hoodie, chef jacket when we print. lol

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